Baltimore con report & art

Back in the studio tonight after a very rewarding trip to Baltimore for the comic con. Organizer Mark Nathan runs a great show, pros and fans alike love it. Robyn and I flew in Friday, setup the booth and went to dinner with friends. Saturday we walked over to the convention center to find a line down the street of people waiting to get in. All morning people continued to pour into the show, but it never felt overcrowded or jammed up inside. My Spotlight Panel was the first of the day, at 11 AM, and I noticed the audience more than doubled during my hour. All weekend I heard people say they had missed the panel while still waiting in line to get in. So, I think we’ll see Baltimore expand to 3 days in the future. The support for the show is great.

I took a sketch list and tried to draw sketches during the show, but it was impossible. I never really had a line, but people came up to our booth one or two at a time all day. Which is great for meeting and talking with fans, but no good for sitting and sketching. So, plan B, sketch that night, right? Oops, we were invited to the football game next door to watch the Ravens play the Giants. And we had a blast with that. Back to the room at midnight and collapse.

Sunday morning, I woke up early, walked over to the convention with Robyn and found a quiet place in the lobby to draw. That saved me. By the time I joined the gang at the booth I was well through the list, and still able to talk to whoever stopped by and sign books, arms, t-shirts, bras, blue jeans, you name it.

After the show we packed up and rewarded ourselves with a nice dinner by the harbor, then a good night’s sleep. This morning we ran into the various families of Billy Tucci, Adam Hughes and Bernie Wrightson, all experienced road warriors, all heading home today. Because of our excessive air miles, Robyn and I were upgraded to first class seating on the way home. The food was lousy—no such thing as better meals in first class anymore—but the extra room was great, as Robyn watched the Sex And The City movie, and I napped like an old dog until the wheels touched down.

Some pictures from the weekend:

Katchoo, Francine and Casey were bribed into trying on Slave Leia costumes, something even Carrie Fisher won’t do anymore. I don’t think Katchoo had a good attitude about the session. Her “wardrobe malfunction” excuse is just as lame as the first time I heard the term.

A groovy Batgirl from the ’60’s. I think she swings.

A piece I did for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund titled “Pursuing Liberty Since 1990″. Look for this in an upcoming book collecting pinups by a lot of artists on behalf of the CBLDF.

Here’s a 1940’s Cat Woman. Sorry for the lousy phone camera pic. That’s all I had on me at the booth.

Red Sonja, posing for my phone camera. Does she look like a meat eater to you?

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4 thoughts on “Baltimore con report & art

  1. Thanks so much for the Supergirl surfing the meteor commission. Getting a sketch from you was a key goal of my trip so I am glad it happened. I can email you a scan if you would like.

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  3. Thanks for the great quick sketch of the drunken owl in my book! Everyone loved it. It was great to see you again at the Con.

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