Free Comic Book Day Print!

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day…

…across the nation and parts of Alabama. You must visit your local comic book shop(s) and check out all the great comics on the market today. This is a good chance to try comics that have been off your radar. You may be surprised at the jewels you find, liiiike….

Speaking of comics, Echo 21 is out there, folks. Check your store, or ask your retailer when to expect it. Look for the atomic lady.

Wonderful review of Echo Moon Lake at

A very nice mention in a Press & Guide article about the upcoming Free Comic Book Day, this Saturday. Thank you, Green Brain Comics.

If you speak Spanish, there is a recent interview with me at talking about Echo, SiP and who really done what. If you don’t speak Spanish, just Google translate the page! See? Now you speak every language.

A review of Echo’s first three trade paperbacks at

Okay, back to the drawing table for me. Echo 22 awaits. Go buy some comics, people—visit your store on Saturday—have some fun!

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7 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day Print!

  1. Hey Terry- just found out about your involvement with Image’s Fractured Fables book in July. Do you know if the FCBD sampler (scheduled for release this Saturday) will include part of your story or maybe at least a teaser page?

  2. Hey, I tried to order the print from Bedrock’s site and it’s “unavailable.” Did they sell out? Both color and B&W are not order-able.

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