C2E2 Report & Pics

First off, just so you know, Echo 21 is complete and at the printer. Look for it soon. Also, the new trade paperback Echo COLLIDER, collecting issues 16-20, has shipped. You should have it in the stores within a week or two.

And, one last chance for you… we have about 10 SiP Omnibus left in the warehouse. If you want one from us, order now. Once we’re sold out we can’t help you. You’re on your own, and I’m afraid prices will go up because this is a one printing book.

Robyn and I got back from Chicago’s C2E2 today. We had a great weekend. The show was very good. Attendance was not the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd you find at other shows, so it was actually very pleasant in the hall, allowing for fans to visit and talk with creators and retailers. I’m sure future shows will become more crowded as word spreads that it’s a good show. Because there was time, I did a few sketches over the weekend and tried to take pictures with my accursed, much despised, vile and evil Blackberry. The photos are crap, but you can get an idea of the new images born over the weekend.

First off, check out this view from our hotel room. Fantastic. Best room we’ve had all year. The building on the far right, standing a bit off by itself on Navy Pier, is where Oprah lives, on several floors. So, basically, our room looked directly onto Oprah’s bedroom. I should have held a copy of SiP up to the window and yelled, “You should read this. You’d really like it!”

Echo, drawn on a blank Marvel comic (I never ask why):

Francine. (note: when sketching during the making of SiP, if the girls were having a rough time in the story, the sketches would reflect that, the girls would look tired or stressed. I couldn’t seem to help it. I’ve noticed that in sketches post-series the girls look so happy and relaxed. It’s like, this is what they really look like when I’m not messing with their lives.)

Francine on another Marvel blank:

a majorette (again, I never ask why. “Draw me a cheerleader riding a rocket ship!” Okaaaay.):

Molly, from the Runaways. The request was for either Nico or Molly. I drew this on my art pad, then realized I was supposed to draw it in the guy’s sketchbook. He’s a really nice guy, so I drew another picture for him and gave him both, to much harassment from my booth mates.

The Nico:

X-Men’s Jean Grey (Phoenix):

And no con is complete without fans in costume. Standing in front of the Abstract Studio booth on Saturday, fly girl Ashley, saluting the troops. I forget her character’s name, but turns out Ashley is a fantastic cartoonist/colorist. Not kidding. Her portfolio contained some of the best character designs we’ve ever seen (Robyn agrees), and she’s working on a story for them. Just goes to show, you never know what kind of talent is walking around at a comic book convention!

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2 thoughts on “C2E2 Report & Pics

  1. It’s great to see that you’re hard at work, Terry.

    I have been an avid fan of yours for years – I haven’t kept track of how many -exactly-, but it’s been many. I grew up with Francine. I went through the same superfluous body-image crises as Francine. I was on the crux of thirty when Francine turned thirty. It was this weird animated version of myself looking back at me, and it was so freaky I couldn’t put it down.

    I’m stopping in finally because I just wanted to let you know that you’re an inspiration to all of us out there who aspire to create worlds for people to view. In story or in visual contexts, you have built worlds that are relatable, and have the surges of passion that are sent forth with such ease, it makes my own progress seem laughable sometimes. I can’t get people to buy my work, because we live in a tough economy (so they say) and it takes a lot out of me to continue to try to get this message – whatever the hell it is today – out there. And some days I throw my supplies across the room in an overgrown tantrum of frustration, thinking that it’s not possible to succeed at this. Eventually, I just pick up my paintbrush, take a deep breath and press on. Because that’s what Terry would do.

    At least I don’t throw my laptop.

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