Katchoo Takes a Bath

After a week of drawing commissions I’m ready to get back on Echo! Issue 11 is on my drawing board. It shipped this week and will be in stores next Wednesday. Looks great.

I’ll post some of the commissions I’ve done, but not the private ones. The one most fun was a revisit of a classic pic from 1994, Katchoo in the bath. Remember the old version?:

And here’s Katchoo today, recreating that infamous cover. I’m posting the censored version for family viewing. Grown-ups can click the pic for the Vanity Fair version. Don’t worry, Katchoo’s not shy.

This weekend I’ll post The Silk Spectre.

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19 thoughts on “Katchoo Takes a Bath

  1. Love it!!!! I’m so happy that Francine and Katchoo are happy. Francine’s scuba gear, very nice touch!

  2. WOW!!! belle said it all! ;)
    But I seriously doubt that there will be a statue made out of the new version like there was with the original… :D

    Speaking of statues: is there anything planned in regards to Echo? A mini-bust of Julie done like the ones of Katchoo & Francine would be great and visually stunning.

  3. Love the new version! But, um, in the pg version on FB, you forgot to black out Katchoo’s reflected naughty bit. :) Or was that on person?

  4. Nice pic. Love the water gun.

    I don’t really care either way but you forgot to censor out the reflection. :)

  5. psst – you missed something in Katchoo’s reflection in the mirror.

    Not that I would notice. Nope.

    Missed you guys at W’Con so please say hi to R from us!

  6. Nice black bar over Katchoo’s boobage – made me look in the mirror for a sneek peek. Was that your intention? ;)

    I like both.

  7. Hi Terry,

    Lovely redesign! I really love it!

    As a fellow artist (I work on manga in Japan, though), I just wanted to say that I loved your SiP work. If and when Echo becomes available in Japan, I will definitely pick it up!

  8. Katchoo looks a lot more happy in this version, especially holding the Super Soaker.

    Tho, if Francine is right there, and Katchoo isn’t looking at her, then who’s taking the picture? Perhaps by a ghost of a certain someone…that you killed? =].

  9. One thing I’ve never understood: If Katchoo was so desperate to escape from her past and everything Darcy-related, why did she dress like a miniature Bambi?

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