Something you should know…

See the girl on the horse? I’m writing a one-shot about her and her friends. Not yet sure when it will come out, but wanted to share the buzz around here. Some people just won’t stay quiet… know what I mean?

Credits: This coloring is by Jay, for the upcoming Calgary Comicon. The original art will be up for auction at the show.

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23 thoughts on “Something you should know…

  1. First off, I think the coloring looks fantastic. It really suites the image well.

    Secondly, this is GREAT news. I’ve been purposely slowing down reading the saga because I’ve already made it to book 5 of 6 of the pocket readers (spoiler: where I’m at right now, Yousaka has just become David Qin, if you want to reminisce). Knowing that I have less than one third left to read has made me sad because I don’t want it to be over. So I’m thrilled.

    Take care, be well.

  2. Nice coloring here. She looks like a combination of Katchoo and Tambi.. You know, I think you’re a very good artist, but all your pretty girls look too much alike to me. I guess that’s your style.. but I wouldn’t mind seeing more men, or just girls that don’t have that typical make-up model beauty.. But that’s just me. It’s your work, do what you want.
    Good luck with the one-shot.

  3. Katchoo!!!!!!!
    *does the happy dance*
    Love the canadian boots.
    Feel free to create as many one-shots about her as you like !

  4. Wonderful news! Thank you Terry! Now and then I’ll wonder how the girls and kids are doing. (And whether or not Freddie is a friend of the family. Uncle Freddie perhaps? Heh.)

    Oh, nice boots. I didn’t notice that before the coloring. Oh Canada… =)

  5. I come back to this site and all of a sudden your on twitter, katchoo has taken up horseback riding… whats next… oh great Echo is up to 11, im still on 6 lol i fail

  6. Oh, the sweet, sweet pain of waiting for the next episode of SiP, I thought it was gone forever! but NO!
    very, very exciting, can’t wait… And Katchoo looks wonderful!

  7. This is amazing news! I was hoping for something like this. Did you miss them too, Terry?

  8. OH JOY!!! I have been so secretly hoping for a little bit of a peek at Katchoo and the gangs lives post “end of SIP”…

    and the coloring job is great but, uh, am i crazy or doesn’t Katchoo have ze BLUE eyes????

  9. Hmmm……Katchoo and a horse’s ass. So this will be a story about Katchoo and Freddie then?

    Just kidding, a part of me secretly likes Freddie.

  10. When does the SIP Omnibus come out? I do like the picture there.

    What’s up with Katchoo and the gang?

    On a side note, Terry, whatever happened with Tambi and Casey? I suspected that they got together. What are they up to nowadays?

  11. Hell ya! Can’t wait to see what the girls are up to. I’ve been missing them.

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