I’m back at work after a great weekend in Phoenix at the comic con. My report is below.

FYI: The next big thing is the New York Comic Con in two weeks, Feb 6-8. I will be there, next to the ginormous booth of Graphitti Designs. I will be signing, I will be sketching, and I will bring my best original art for all the traveling european fans who come to New York because it is the most convenient U.S. show. I think I’m doing only one panel, but it is unique. I have agreed to conduct a teaching seminar sponsored by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund on how to draw expressions and body language. I plan to spill all my trade secrets in exchange for hot racing tips and Dr Peppers. I don’t know the day or time yet and I don’t see it posted anywhere. I’ll post more as it develops.

I set up a Twitter account to send out brief updates during the busy convention season ahead. If you would like to to subscribe for these updates and receive them on your phone or email, go to: twitter.com/mooreterry

And while we’re at it, if you’re on Facebook or MySpace, you can find me at:



The Facebook page is somewhat new, so the list of friends is small but growing. Interesting, there is a fan appreciation page on Facebook that has fives times as many friends. I’m so jealous.

The Phoenix Comic Con was fun. The crowd was upbeat, the organizers couldn’t have been nicer and the guest list was impressive. Even Todd MacFarlane made a rare appearance (I know because his booth was next to ours). Because manga/anime was also a part of the convention, there was a surprising amount of young kids, especially young teen girls. This meant frequent bursts of ear-piercing squeals and copious amounts of costuming with dolls attached.

On the plane ride home Sunday night, I made a list of a few highlights:

*The Indy Comics panel on Friday morning was a great way to kick off the weekend.

*Friday night Robyn and I attended the guest dinner, where we sat with Karl Kesel and Ethan Van Sciver and wives. The stars of Buck Rogers sat next to us and we all sang Happy Birthday to Gil Gerard, led by Erin Gray.

*Saturday began with a group signing of the new Hero Initiative 100 Hulk Covers book. Great looking book. Highly recommended.

*When Andy Kuhn isn’t drawing comics, he plays in a band called The Fuglees. He gave me a cd. I’ll listen to it next time I’m inking, probably tomorrow.

*Saturday night Brian and Kristy Miller snatched us away to a fantastic restaurant somewhere in the desert. The place used to be a working ranch stop-over for traveler in the 19th century. There is no smell like an open mesquite fire on a crisp night.

*After dinner we sped back to the convention for my next panel, at 10:30 PM!, titled: Writing Short Story Horror.  Molly & Poo got me that invitation, and I’m glad. I love discussing what horrifies me.

*Sunday morning we had breakfast with Mike Kunkel and his very talented daughter Leigha. I bought one of Leigha’s wonderful drawings, the score of the con for me.

*Steve Rude stopped by the booth and we swapped sketchbooks. I’m a big fan of his clean, classic style.

*I bought a MacFarlane show exclusive toy, but realized I wasn’t going to be able to get it home on the plane (too much carry on), so I gave it away.

* I drew a lot of sketches, every one of them requests for women.The only man I drew was the Hulk sitting on Capt. America. I penciled this onto a blank comic book cover for the convention art auction. I’m told it sold for over $200.

*Did numerous interviews on camera for various podcasts. One interview with a toy site journalist. He said the Shocker Toy Katchoo figure is getting some good buzz.

*And by 1 PM Saturday we had sold out of the Echo trade paperback, Moon Lake. Nice, but we could have sold I don’t know how many more. We’ll have to up our numbers for future shows.

A pretty lady stopped by and showed me her Katchoo tattoo. Very well done!

I took photos of some of the sketches. I’m surprised they didn’t turn out better. I need to get a portable scanner, because I want to use some of the better drawings in the 2009 Sketchbook.

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  1. Hi Terry, I was on the panel with you on Friday and the HULK signing as well. It was great meeting you and hearing some of your experiences in comics, hope to see you again at another con.

  2. Who is the girl in the picture second from the bottom? The symbol on her shirt looks like the Phoenix.

  3. That’s SiP’s Katchoo, wearing the tshirt she wore in the mini-series. Everybody back then said it looked the Phoenix symbol. It’s one of Katchoo’s favorite shirts.

  4. I am thrilled that you posted the photo of my tattoo! I’m really glad I got a chance to show it to you. See you at NYCC.

  5. Guess that just shows my ignorance- I didn’t get into your work until the first issue of Echo came out. I just put down issue 8 and can’t wait for 9. At some point I’ll go out and get the SiP trades, maybe something to help me during the wait for the next Echo.

    I guess I’d love to see a Phoenix sketch, I’ll just have to go to a con sometime to get one.

  6. The Fuglees have two or three CDs out now.
    I picked up one from Andy when he was in Seattle a couple of years ago and loved it!
    So last year (when he came back) I picked up another one and it’s just as fun. I’m hoping to get the third one (if it’s been released) soon.

    Any chance of releasing your songs on a CD for fans to pick up at a convention or on the site? Or is that strictly just for Myspace?

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Phoenix. It sounds like a terrific show.
    Good luck in New York!

  7. Drat. I knew you were there, but I only got to walk around twice, and I only saw where your booth was at close of show Sunday.

    It WAS a great con – Matt and the gang treat people right. Perhaps you’ll come back next year?

    Best to Robyn –


  8. No one requested men drawings? Not even David?
    I think I’d most definitely request a Freddie Femur drawing if I could choose..

  9. no one requests men drawings. And very nice drawings of men that I have offered for sale in my piles of sketches have never sold.

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