First look at new series!

Okay, the copyright application is where it needs to be, (the logo trademark takes longer but is in process so we’re good to go) so I am now free to speak about the new series. By the way, with people debating the definition of the graphic novel, where to shelve it, is it art or literature, something to be racked next to prose fiction or with kids comics, what’s the dewey decimal assignment, etc. etc. etc…. well, all that comes home again when you apply for copyright. A quote from the instruction on the U.S. Copyright website:

The correct application form and deposit for registering a copyright claim depend on the nature of the work and the way in which it is presented. Because a cartoon is generally a work of the visual arts, Form VA is usually appropriate for registration. However, if the textual elements in a comic strip are preponderant, registration should be made on Form TX.

Get my drift? Even picking the correct form calls for a decision in judgement. Stephen King uses Form TX, Disney comics use Form VA. Which one do I use? I went for VA, but the point is comics are really blending definitions more and more. Someday the Library of Congress will have to update the process to accomodate new styles of work.

Anyway, back to… what was I talking about? Can’t remember. Oh well, have a good evening.

…just kidding! jeez, calm down.

The new series… issue one is completed. The title of the series is ECHO. The cover art is at Brian’s awaiting his life-giving color talents. Because I’m impatient, I made a color rough version for myself and that’s what I’m showing you here. Brian’s version will be the pretty sparkly one you see on the real deal comic cover. So, take a look and then I’ll tell you what you’re looking at.

Echo is the story of Julie Martin, a photographer taking pictures in the desert when she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s all I’m going to tell you about the plot at the moment. The Diamond solicitation coming out in January will reveal a bit more. Echo #1 will be in stores March 5th. It will be 24 pages, B&W like SiP. The first printing of issue one, and only the first printing, will feature a silver foil cover. Why? Because that’s not rain, or hail.

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26 thoughts on “First look at new series!

  1. So, Echo.
    Nice, short name for a new series.
    Julie Martin reads like an hollywood actrees from the fourties, which I guess it’s a good thing.

    Now, about the image, it isn’t loading, and I’m being asked for a secret password into the website. Maybe it’s jst my banana-fueled computer here in Brazil, but I thought I should mention it.

  2. Very excited about the new book. Can I order it through Diamond and my LCS?

    I just read the whole run of the SIP pocket books and enjoyed them all very much.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. A few years ago, at WonderCon, you said something along the lines that you had done your Buffy (in reference to SiP) and that your next project would be your Firefly (figuratively speaking). Do you consider this new series to be your Firefly? I couldn’t help but notice that the font used in the logo looks vaguely familiar.

    P.S. Thanks for posting my card earlier. Expect the present that goes with it to be arriving shortly.

  4. Oh, shooting stars? Wicked! I’m liking how she looks like a brunette Katchoo…without the scars…or tattoo’s (although that one’s kinda hard to judge, since she’s dressed and all)

    “Is it space monkey’s, did some evil space monkey’s attack the engine room?”

    Loved SIP incidentally…so much I recc’d it to friends, who stole my collection from me and devoured it over three days! 10 years of very happy comic reading.

    I’m looking forward to reading your next series.

  5. Whoa! Nice!

    Even if I wasn’t already presold on “whatever Terry does next”, that cover absolutely would grab my attention at the comic shop.

    And a great title, too.

    Looking forward to to it.

  6. After being a lontime fan of SiP (even had a letter published!), I’m very excited to see that you not only have the Marvel work (looking forward to it), but this new, exciting book “Echo”! Can’t wait for all 3 titles!!! Best to you, Terry! Feel free to visit my humble little MySpace page.


  7. Not rain, not hail…
    Looking forward to meeting this Julie Martin and finding out what you’ve gotten her in to. Thanks for the advance peek!

    Rick and I enjoyed seeing you at Texas Book Fest. Your comments on the comics panel about self-publishing compared to working with a large publisher and with a sole distributor, etc. were quite interesting – a friend of mine actually took notes. Good stuff.

  8. whats the best way of getting a first edition, where can i order it? i live in england and th comic shops where i live are terrible for getting in american comics in time
    x x x

  9. March 5th??? Arrgh! It’s only the November 20th! I can’t wait!
    Thank you for your work Mr. Moore.

  10. Hey there Terry,

    My monthly comic fix hasn’t been the same since SiP ended. Believe me when I say that Echo is going to be the most anticipated comic event in the near future. I can’t wait to see a Terry Moore book amongst my stack again.

    All the best Terry,

    Sam Tweedle

  11. Oh Terry, this looks brilliant!
    It also screams “paranormal” to me, so I guess Julie Martin will be getting some sort of powers or dealing with metaphysical stuff. But it doesn’t matter!
    I never believed I’d be so excited for anything after finding out that SiP was goind to end, but after such a beautiful farewell to Francine and Katchoo and your forthcoming works on Echo, Runaways and SM loves MJ I surprised myself!

  12. Nevada desert, maybe? Near some Nuclear testing….She gets irradiated, then bites a spider, and…oh, wait, my medication is here…..

  13. You can’t imagine how happy I am even about this tiny bit of news. Today I was at the comic shop to pick up my monthly share and still something in me hopes to find SiP in there. Even though I love the ending, I think you know the feeling when you’re happy, but just want more – like good strawberry cake, well Kixie could relate I guess.
    The premise sounds very interesting and I’m really glad that soon I can delve into a whole new Terry-Moore-Experience again.

  14. Terry=

    The concept is great, however the artwork is very weak IMO.

    The pencils are too thin and reminds me of Antartic comics; you need an inker to give the pictures body to the character(s) in order for the series to survive IMO.

    If you decide to redo, please let me as I like the storyline but not the artwork.

    Joe Peller

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