In answer to the question I hear a lot these days, the release dates for the Marvel books I’m writing are not yet set. All I can tell you is the script for the first issue of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is finished and in the can. I’m working on issue #2 there. Runaways, I’m on my 3rd revision of the outline of issue one. Because the first issue is really all about the entire arc of issues 1-6, outlining #1 is actually outlining six issues. After months of work I’m just beginning to feel comfortable with the characters and less like creator Brian Vaughn’s baby-sitter. Imagine somebody else trying to write Strangers In Paradise volume 4. As for Mary Jane, I slipped right into that driver’s seat and felt right at home. Adrian Alphonse has drawn the cover to issue 1 of Mary Jane. New Runaways artist Humberto Ramos is still finishing another series but will be with us soon.

I received more pictures from the Norman Rockwell LitGraphic Exhibition last weekend. These photos are Courtesy of The Norman Rockwell Museum.

(Below) This is the opening ceremony talk by cartoonist, now called a graphic novelist, Peter Kuper. Seated in the box seats to Peter’s left, Norman Rockwell Museum director Laurie Norton Moffatt, Mark Wheatley and his wife, and behind them the Moore’s. What you don’t see is the large room before Peter, filled with people, and the rooms beyond and beside, also filled. Those are Rockwell’s original paintings on the wall. The runaway boy painting is hanging next to the full scale oil study that looked finished to me except for detail changes. I wonder how Photoshop would have affected Rockwell? I don’t recall what Peter was saying when this picture was snapped, but I like to think it was a deeply personal and disturbing admission that we all found strikingly funny… just because in the black-humor movie that is always filming in my mind, that’s how scenes play. In reality, Peter was charming, very appropriate and funny.

(Below) Standing next to one of my favorite paintings ever, The Gossips. I remember as a child staring at this picture a lot, trying to grasp the changing faces of one person depending one whether they were listening or talking. In answer to the question, where did you learn to do those facial expressions… right here. May I point out that the last Rockwell painting sold at auction went for $15.5 million. I must be standing next to $20 million dollars. Like Freddie, I wanted to hug the painting.

(Below) The only photo I have of my wall in the exhibit. This is the right half, there’s more to the left. Cartoonist, I mean graphic novelist, Brian Fies (Mom’s Cancer) is smiling because he just realized my 2-page spread of David and Darcy walking by her pool (issue 8?) was drawn with gunpowder. “Brilliant!” he’s thinking. There was no smoking in this corner. I’m just full of cool trivia, aren’t I?

(Below) The next morning I was interviewed for a video to accompany the exhibit by the museum’s man in charge of PR, Jeremy Clowe. Jeremy is behind the camera as I tell interviewer Rick my Presidential plan for invading every country on the planet and forcing them to wear whatever I wear. It’s for the greater good, Rick. Seconds later Rick pummeled me to a pulp… for the greater good. BTW, it’s 10:30 AM and I have a coke by my side. Good grief.

There are more pictures but they include people more famous than me and I say that’s what their blogs are for.

Okay, I can tell you’re not going to get a straight line out of me today so I better log off and go burn off some energy. Too much time in the studio makes Terry a little Whooooooo! You guys have a good weekend and on Monday, I promise, the first look at the new series!

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  1. “Imagine somebody else trying to write Strangers In Paradise volume 4. ”

    I’m too busy imagining you drawing the next issue of Y: The Last Man. A fan can dream.

    Also, drawn with gunpowder? Explosive art? *That* is cool.

  2. Terry;

    Jeremy (from the Norman Rockwell Museum) sent me the link to your blog. Thanks for posting the pic from the interview! It was really great meeting you and talking with you and your wife. Once I get info together for my book, I’ll send it to you and Robyn. Best of luck with Echo and all your future endeavors! Take care.

    Rick Welch

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