Echo #28 news & cover

Echo #28 is finished!

Whew! I finished the final tweeking early this morning, sent it to the printer, then crawled into bed and dreamed about Alloy 618 ions and protons and cosmic collisions. Never in my youthful dreams did I think I would one day study the gigantic detector of a super-collider like it was a naked model, then draw it in detail with a fine point pen. That’s just crazy. But the time had come in the story for this alleged collider to reveal itself, as all monsters must in a monster movie. And hopefully, all the work was worth it. By the time I finished this issue, even I was scared at the thought of Foster turning that damned thing on! Sneak Peak:

All those blanked bits of dialogue… those are recent tweets from cheerful Glee fans.

The cover to Echo #28 is gorgeous (thank you, Brian, for your beautiful colors)… and rare. This is only the second time, to my recollection, that I’ve drawn a cover without a person on it. But it reinforces a subtle subplot that we’ve seen building in the story. Do you know what it is?

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11 thoughts on “Echo #28 news & cover

  1. Hello Terry,

    Big fan of your work. I know “Echo” is out in trades but is there any plan to collect all 30 issues in an Omnibus like edition. I would gladly pay for that.

  2. Wow! This cover is simply beautiful! The drawings and the coloring are perfect. And I don’t mind that there are no people… this shows, you can draw lovely animals! I wonder if they are somehow drawn to Julie/Annie and if we will find out why. Maybe our heroes and all the animals attack the collider… ;)
    The collider looks really nice. And hugely complicated to draw. Awesome details. How long did it take to finish this panel?

  3. This is what I was talking about when I criticized the plain ‘girls with a can of coke’ covers…I just love this illustration…here we can see how a great artist Mr.Terry is.

    For me this cover is an homage to the penultimate chapter of Watchman when they get to Ozymandias Polar base. It’s like: This is where all ends!

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