10 thoughts on “Pre-Order SiP Omnibus NOW!

  1. As much as I would love one – and I really really REALLY do – I simply cannot afford it. I’m already selling vital organs to go see Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones as Beatrice and Benedict later in the year. But who knows, I might get lucky on the lottery or something…

  2. You have continental United States but nothing for those who live in Alaska or Hawaii. If we wanted to order what shipping should we choose?

  3. I will be honest, I need this like I need another hole in my head. But I put in my pre order anyway. I am super excited to get it but I’m more excited to simply support y’all in this. I hope it’s a massive success. Now to go reinforce my bookshel for it’s arrival.

  4. I JUST bought the entire series in six pocket books not too long ago, and now I hear the SiP omnibus is coming back? Talk about inconvenient timing and a meaningless huge hole in my wallet. If I could, I would love to pre-order this and support the artist, especially since this is a definitive package.

  5. Well, I already have the hardcover, so I’m going to have to devise a plan to justify purchasing this. The postman tried hard to destroy the first one – it was left out in the pouring rain. I’m still a little mad about it 5 years later. No more holiday booze for you, Mr. Postman.

  6. Question for you Terry: I’ve never seen a 1200 page softcover before, is it so thick that any particular page cannot lay flat(ish)? I’m going to buy either way; just want to know what I’m getting. Vive la SIP!

  7. The spine is critical. In this case, the pages will be smythe sewn into section, then the sections are hotglued to a strong binder that is then hot glued to the cover. The book lays flat, like an expensive bible, and the pages will not pull out with wear. Should be good.

  8. So… Semi dirty question: How “naughty” is this uncensored version? I have only seen the comic book in shops many years ago but the name and pictures stuck with me. Your art work is JAW DROPPING! Comics don’t normally have such sex appeal. Pretty girls like them make me regret being an irritable loner. After seeing them I want to go out and make love to a pretty girl right now. Then again, if I was that kind of guy I probably would not be on the internet at 2:37am eastern standard time. Lol!

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