Accepting original art commissions now!

If you would like an original drawing from me now is the time—I am accepting a limited number of commissions. This will be for a pen & ink drawing on 11 X 17 inch Strathmore paper… the same medium and size as a comic book cover. You tell me what you want, I draw it in pencil and show it to you for approval, if you approve I ink it and we’re done!

The price is $1,000 plus shipping, paid up front. Order now to secure your spot on the short list. When my list is full I’m cutting it off. Allow me 6-8 weeks to complete your order. I have arranged my schedule for this and I plan to do the bulk of the work in April when I have no conventions to interrupt me.

TO ORDER: email Robyn:

I have just 4… not rules, but more like requests/things worth pointing out:

1. There is a 3 or 4 character limit. No big teams or teams vs teams or Marvel Universe vs DC Universe. You’ll be wanting the masterful George Perez for that.

2. Please keep requests to my characters or other known comic book characters. No real people portraits or beloved pets.

4. Yes, I will draw erotic “good-girl” pinups, no I won’t draw porn. So, pretty woman with a serious wardrobe malfunction is a yes;  A Flinstones-Power Girl orgy with a herd of goats is a no.

3. Don’t expect a lot of architecture. I specialize in people, not buildings. But you probably already know that about me. Try forests instead. I can draw a tree. :)

If you wonder what one of these commissions might look like, here are a few from the past.


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I write and draw comics. Rachel Rising, Echo, Strangers In Paradise are my work.
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