UPDATE: What’s coming soon!

Rachel Rising 6 is on the trucks heading for stores everywhere. It will be on the shelves March 7. This will also be available digitally for same day release at ComiXology. As we get closer to this date, maybe I will post 2 or 3 preview pages. This issue is very intense. The ending will stun you.

At the printer now are:

Rachel Rising: The Shadow Of Death This is the first TPB of Rachel, collecting issues 1-6. It’s 128 pages for $15.99, with previews of the cover art to issues 7-9 included. How To Draw Beautiful will also be available digitally at ComiXology.

How To Draw Beautiful —This is the 3rd in the How To Draw series. 24 pages of my notes and thoughts on how I draw and what I strive for in my art. My How To Draw series is designed to give you information not found in other books. If you have a a few instruction books already, my book is still unique because I talk about aspects the other books don’t. There’s more to learning art than, “Here, I drew something—copy it.” This book will be out mid-March.

About Terry

I write and draw comics. Rachel Rising, Echo, Strangers In Paradise are my work.
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  1. Cat says:

    6 out on my birthday. Great present. Thanks, Terry :)

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