3 Unused ECHO pages-explained in full

I promised when my Twitter followers reached 4,000 I would post 3 unused pages from Echo. Here they are.

In the original version, Ivy was a very bad girl. After I drew this scene, I realized maybe she was too bad. Only SiP Parker Girls are that bad andI thought readers might find them too similar, so “we reshot the scene” with Cain, and the rest is history. I’ve been stuck with this wonderful scene in a drawer ever since.

I love Ivy’s look when she tells the hacker off, but, again, I should… because it looks a lot like a favorite scene of mine in SiP 13 years earlier, where Darcy Parker tells off a captive Francine Peters. This page from SiP #8…

It’s different, but it’s similar, and it bothered me. So, I made the change to Cain and I think it was the right choice. That leaves just one chad hanging… the cover.

The cover art of Ivy torching the house was designed to go with this issue (#3). When I realized I wasn’t using that scene, I scrambled to make a substitute cover. Much later, when it came time to turn in issue 15 to the printer, I was so tight on schedule that I just grabbed this unused cover and used it. It didn’t make sense, but it was pretty. Yes, I am a little ashamed. And there you have it, the untold story of the path not chosen for Ivy Raven and the Echo crew. Here you see it as it was originally laid out, for issue 3, the issue that never was.


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  1. Michael Fairweather says:

    Hi Terry, love the back story about Ivy. I really didn’t notice the cover, I just put it down to artistic license. I was happybunny again to hear that not all the Parker girls were evil.


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