Baltimore Comic Con Sketches

Tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 16, is the last day to preorder your sketch for pick-up at the convention in Baltimore this weekend. As the people of South Park once warned us, the day after tomorrow will be too late!

Order by clicking here and following the link.

It’s just impossible to draw at the conventions these days. Not enough down-time to do anything like that and, when I try, people look at the finished sketch like I just threw up on paper and handed it to them. Best to catch me at the drawing board at home, let me do my thing in the room designed for it, then pick up the mini-masterpiece at the show. Don’t believe me? Here is a typical pre-ordered sketch:


And here is a typical sketch from a typical convention:

You have been warned.


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One thought on “Baltimore Comic Con Sketches

  1. I laughed waaaaaaay too hard at that Batman sketch. It’s now my background at work. Classsssy.

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