SiP sequel vs ECHO sequel vs New Series… Decision This Week

FYI: I finished Echo #29 early this morning and sent it to Brenner the printer. After a few hours of what I would describe as a brief coma, because it was way too deep to be called sleep, I woke and read the print out of the story. And I have to say, I like it! That’s good, since it took me five weeks to make it.

Look for this chilly cover in a couple of weeks at your beloved comic book store.

SiP sequel vs ECHO sequel vs New Series… Decision This Week

With Echo ending next issue, I have been trying to decide what to do for the next series. If I don’t blow up the world in Echo 30, I could easily write a sequel but, come on, how maw many chances do you get to blow up the world? Awfully tempting… and I’m weak, WEAK, I tell you.

A couple of weeks ago, just for fun, I posted this question on Twitter and Facebook: What would you choose: a sequel to SiP or a sequel to Echo?

The response was terrific because Echo has an enthusiastic following and it has earned a place in the hearts of SiP readers. Many readers answered both or some sort of crossover, but the overwhelming majority voted for SiP, with the caveat that I not ruin the Happily Ever After ending to the previous series. This last point was hugely important to voters… Don’t screw with Francine & Katchoo’s happiness! And I couldn’t agree more. We all have way too much time invested in that, don’t we? Still, the majority of SiP voters said they were suffering from “Katchoo withdrawal”.

This doesn’t mean I will make a sequel to SiP. No promises. Just… I have ideas. That being said, I also have some kick-ass NEW characters and story ideas just waiting for their chance to join the literary race. They are very insistent, some of them are VERY cute, and I am listening.

So… I have to solicit the new series with Diamond on Thursday. I have until then to make up my mind. Think about me, send good vibrations and whatever floats your protons this way. When I’ve made the decision, you will hear it here first!

Send bribes to me c/o Arkham Asylum, Gotham City. Don’t send chocolate, the guards eat it.

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16 Responses to SiP sequel vs ECHO sequel vs New Series… Decision This Week

  1. I’m rooting for a SiP sequel, but I’ll read whatever comes next. I’m sure it will be great! :)

  2. Bill Gathen says:

    I trust you, Terry. Whatever you love most, I’ll love most. Go for it!

    My favorite quote of all time:

    Don’t ask what the world needs. Find the thing that makes you come alive, then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. — Howard Martin

  3. Don Smith says:

    Interesting dilemma. Fans can’t lose either way. I have to say I’d like to see some SIP specials or mini-series, maybe even some things focusing on side characters we know little about. As for a follow up to Echo, I think you could easily make a great ongoing series with those characters.

  4. Lynnie Henderson says:

    Why yes, would love to write about this, nice of you to ask. If you do anything like a press release, send it to me, mm-kay? Thanks.

  5. Donna says:

    Oh Terry, I will LOVE anything you do. New, Old, Current. Just follow your heart. You are a truly wonderful soul.

  6. John Martin says:

    I vote something new. Now that you’ve got your own Terry Mooreverse, seems a wast not to explore it a little.

    Echo has been great and I’m all for a sequel, but a little time to reflect and read that eventual giant omnibus a couple of times wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    The idea of revisiting SiP (or more specifically Francine and Katchoo) honestly freaks me out a little. I love the ‘happily ever after’ and the journey we took to get there. I don’t know how opening that door would effect that. On the other hand, if revising SiP means doing a Tambi or another supporting character’s story, that sounds like a rollicking good time.

  7. Chad says:

    Now that we see the worlds of Echo and SiP are one in the same. Maybe a new series within this world you have created, and hopefully not blown up by Echo #30.

  8. Patrick Mileham says:

    I’m re-reading SIP now and don’t see a reason to go back to it. Why do it? Did Jimmy Page bring back Led Zeppelin after Bonzo passed? (oh wait….) Did Roger Waters ever revisit The Wall?? (…crap….) Well…..ok. Maybe something ancillary like a mini about Detective Walsh or Tambi or Casey. I agree that revisiting the original trio would hurt things. Since I haven’t finished Echo, I really can’t weigh in fairly on that one. New stuff that would expand your palette? ABSOLUTELY.

  9. Okay I will cast my vote, I would like to see a sequel to Echo most, but I would also like a sequel to SiP. So GET BUSY! ;-)

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  11. Martin John says:

    Something new. If you want to revisit SiP do a fifty page special and then move on. I love what you did with Echo, creating something from the ground up, creating new characters and the like, and I would love to see you do it again. Dip your hand in a different genre, try a unique take on another genre. Whatever you do, just keep working!!!

  12. JD says:

    Without SiP, I more than likely would’ve never read Echo. I remember discovering SiP and going on a “mission” to find all the back issues and/or trades needed to catch up on the story and then settling in for the ride of the finale. The story, the characters, everything worked well… sure, maybe there where a few detours here and there, but when it clicked, it was some of the best character driven story that I’ve witnessed.

    In a way – a very minor way, the inclusion of some SiP characters in Echo cheapened the Echo thing for me. Again, this was very minor – but, still seen as a bit of a cop out. Echo already had a huge shadow to shine from under and this burdened it a bit more. I still enjoy it tremendously! In one sense, I’m not looking forward to Echo ending… however, I can’t wait to see how it ends and I am thankful that Terry gave us complete story and not something that could drag on and on (even if that would’ve been tons of fun to read for years and years).

    That all said (lol), I hope Mr. Moore does something new. SiP ended perfectly, I don’t see a need for a sequel… maybe we could get a “P.S.” SiP story in a few years but, I think now is too soon for that. It’s still too fresh… and well, the ending was perfect – I think Terry could recapture the magic (they are his characters afterall). But, man – how do you top that? Is worth trying?

    Thank you for wonderful work – and even though I am pulling for something new I look forward to whatever it might be.

  13. Marcos says:

    First and foremost, I think you should do whatever you feel most deep down in your heart. As others have said, I trust you to do the best that you have in you.

    That said (:P), if it were up to me, I say do something new. That is if you got a great idea. I was scared after SiP, but you proved with Echo that you can are more than just a one trick poney. I loved SiP, loved Echo, and would be thrilled to get to add a 3rd to that list. SiP ended great. As much as I’d love to get more. I think it’s well enough as is. That is, unless you think otherwise.

    Geez, sorry. I guess I’m not much help. lol. I just want you to do whatever you are most passionate about. Please, do not cater to us. Do what is in your heart. You are one of my all time favorite creators. I trust you MUCH more than I do the rest of us. :)

  14. Donny Davis says:

    I would love to see you bring more new characters to comics. I used to be the guy wanting sequel after sequel to works. But nowadays, especially when the first work is so good, I tend to get worried that the followup will never measure up to the original.

  15. David Walter says:

    Hi Terry

    I just want to say your work is the greatest !!.

    The first time I saw you work I was quite suspicious of it (much to my eternal shame!!). But when I read the first pocket book of Strangers in Paradise, I was hooked from then on. I bought the complete series all 6.

    In fact it was all I took with me to New York, to visit my late Father’s family, not long after he past away in 2005.

    The SiP gave me entertainment and all so hope.

    I like Francine, because despite the trails and tribulations she goes through, she always bounces back especially after being with people like Eddy Femur.

    Although Katchoo in real life would not be my on christmas list, it is a testament to your phenomenal skills as a Writer and Sequential Artist ( Am I being a little bit over the top here, anyone?) that you can make Katchoo, highly Strung and temperamental
    as she, is a full and complex human charater. I’ll probably know someone like her in real life.

    I have all the Echo series and I have your work of the complete Paradise Too graphic novel, I like it it’s very funny.

    If I had not come across your work I would’ve fallen out of love for comics.
    I will always look forward to next series Terry.

    I am 37, a British Black Heterosexual Man of African Carribean decent. I could not careless whether Francine and Katchoo are gay.

    Everything you have done in SiP was beautifully and completely natural.
    The ending was as I expected it be.

    Because I have noticed in the community I am from in the UK is infested with Homophobia, propogated by christianity and islam. My people are a intellgent, decent and loving people who have always had alove kin and community and would never hurt anyone. This Homophobia is not us.

    When are we going to see badges and posters in the shops over here in the UK ?

    Make sure you get your stuff made by HBO they’ll give the adaptation of Echo or SiP

    Cheers Terry


  16. Terry says:

    Thanks David. I would love to see my books doing well in the UK. Time will tell.

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