Terry Moore Wondercon Schedule

Booth 1101 (Abstract Studio)

Friday 4:30-5:30: Spotlight Panel, room 208AB

Saturday 12:30-1:45: CBLDF Art Jam

Sunday 12:30-1:30 : Terry & Jeff Smith Panel, room 208

I will take a limited number of sketches each day. Sketch is pencil on 9 X 12 paper, one character $100 I will sign any and all books you bring, no charge

Omnibus hardcover owners, you get a free sketch in Book One.

I am bringing a portfolio of original art for sale from all three series. For the first time, I’m also bringing all 20 pages from FABLES #107 to sell as a set. Price $4,000.

See ya there!


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My WonderCon Schedule

After a run of long days and nights I finished Rachel Rising #16 this morning as the sun came up and promptly sent it off to the printer via ftp. A couple of hours—literally—later the proof was up online and BAM! it’s done, Rachel Rising 17 is now in the hands of a vast network of American workers who pass it from one hand to the next until it’s in yours. Mark your calendars, the scheduled release date is April 24.

This news might cause you to wonder where is Rachel Rising #15? It’s scheduled to release everywhere this Wednesday, although I have heard a few reports of some readers finding it here and there. This is the first time I’ve ever finished an issue BEFORE the previous one hit the stands. Usually, when an issue hits the stands, I try to be 8 pages into the next one, meaning I have 8 pages drawn and inked.  So, this is odd for me. It’s like I am one episode of Dr Who ahead of you.

Which brings me to Wondercon, something I could not even imagine until I made this rabid deadline for Rachel 16. Now that I have, I look up and there it is, just 3 days in front of me. Good, I’m ready to get out of the house!

We have a great booth location, Booth #1101, just inside the front door. Here’s my panel schedule:

My SPOTLIGHT Panel: Friday 4:30-5:30   Room 208AB (Just me and a microphone… and gifts to bribe you. I usually reveal what we’re up to this year and then you can ask me anything. If you stump the band you get a free dinner at the vending machine.)

Terry & Jeff Smith Panel: Sunday 12:30-1:30  Room 208 (Me and my buddy Jeff. If you’ve never met him before, you’re in for a treat, he’s a funny guy.)

Robyn and I will be there at the booth with the new Strangers In Paradise 20th Anniversary print and t-shirts. I’ll have the Rachel Rising TPBs, the Echo Omnibus, How To Draw TPB, and the SiP Pocket Edition series, plus assorted fun chachkies.

For art lovers, I will bring a portfolio of original art with pages from all Rachel Rising, Echo and SiP. And… something is telling me to bring the art for Fables 107, too. I have the whole story, all 20 pages, intact. It would be quite a nice purchase for the right Fables fan. Maybe there is a Fables fan in California.

More later as we get closer to the weekend.

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How the Italians saved Echo 30

In the category of you can’t handle the truth comes this behind-the-scenes report. It’s a survivor’s journey, a tale of loss and resurrection in the life of a comic book series.

This is the cover of Echo 30.

Almost immediately after I finished making this book, the final issue of Echo, my computer hard drive died and took the Photoshop cover file with it. Please, no backup comments—you had to be there. I remember sirens and screaming, the sun in my eyes and dogs eating my cables, and before I could reach the keyboard a bolt of lightning shot out of my nose and the screen went gray. I’m not saying that’s what happened, I’m just saying that’s how I remember it.

Anyway, that cover was made from this panel in issue 28:

Yes, I cheated. Who wants to draw a Large Hadron Collider more than once?

Anyway, to accomplish this, I removed the lettering (it was hand lettered on removable labels) rescanned the page, cropped down to the middle panel and turned it -90 degrees to get as much vertical as possible. Then I did my Photoshop color thing on it and BAM!  I had my cover of the Large Hadron Collider without having to redraw the LHC.  Yay me. I turned the book in and CRASH!

Act Two, sad aftermath: In the months and years after, I moved on and used other Echo images when I needed something, but our foreign language publishers always want the generic version of every cover in a series, so they can add the graphics in their own language, of course. As you can see, the Echo 30 cover situation was always a problem.

Act Three, enter the hero: Recently my Italian publisher BAO took matters into their own hands and carefully remade the cover themselves using the same process. They sent me this pic of their in-house graphics wizard at work on the art, extending the artwork to fill the new ratio.

And here’s a peek at the nearly finished result. Nice! And now I’ll have a generic for the future, thanks to the talented folks at BAO.


Epilogue: I’m so happy. And I’m backing all this up, tomorrow.


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SiP Omnibus Order Update and misc news

Pre-orders for the Strangers In Paradise Omnibus are coming in and they are so very much appreciated. We had a nice run of orders for the first few days by informed folks who were waiting for the door to open. And I’ve asked—well, begged—people to spread the word to the rest of the world. I really need the orders to keep coming. So far I have 151 orders. Diamond is ordering 800. That’s 951 orders for 5,000 books. That’s what I’m up against. I believe with all my heart that more than 951 people want the SiP Omnibus. I’ve bet all my chips on it. I hope I’m right, but the trick is getting the news out to people, because so many SiP fans are not typical comics fans. Remember all the reports of SiP readers being wives and girlfriends and non-comic readers? That’s who we have to find now and let them know this exists. So please blog about the Omnibus Pre-order offer, add it to your pinterest, tumblr, whatever. Help me spread the word, whether it’s on a comics related page or not.

The window for preorders will be open until A) we sell out B)late June, when the books arrive from China. Once we ship the 1st  book order, the pre-order deal is off.

The pre-order deal is easy: order at the the SiP home page and your order will come with an exclusive print that won’t be included with orders once the book is shipping. We are offering the a 2nd, different print for retailer orders. It’s one print per box set.

All the Omnibus details are at the SiP home page. Feel free to grab any text and pictures you want to make your posts elsewhere. If you do so, you will have my undying love and loyalty. If we make this work, I’ll pretty much be your cocker spaniel.

Here’s a very kind commentary by David Goodman at Geekadelphia on Strangers In Paradise and why you should buy the Omnibus box set. So very much appreciated.

I love how readers who write to me from New Zealand sign off as “from Middle Earth”.

So many times during the day I wish I had a What Would Katchoo Do bracelet. Would you like one too? I’m thinking of making them. What color would you like? What is the color of SIP/Katchoo?

Before The Dark Knight, it was like this…

I signed 26 copies of my cover variant of Drew Hayes Poison Elves and sent them back to Ape Entertainment. They will be chase variants for retailers who order in bulk, so your odds of finding one are slim, but I have a short stack of them myself and I plan to sell them for the going rate when the book is released and forward the money to Drew’s family. They deserve it.

Today I’m inking Rachel Rising 16. Deadline is Monday, then we go to Anaheim for Wondercon next weekend. We’ll have a new booth display (that’s the kind of thing we get excited about), both Rachel Rising TPBs, the new SiP 20th Anniversary Print and Tshirt, the How To Draw book, Echo Omnibus and SIP Pocket Editions. Uhmm… and art. I always bring a portfolio of original art. Artists like looking at other artist’s pages, and sometimes a page is bought. They’re all for sale. I plan to take all the pages for Fables 107 to Wondercon and offer them as a set at half the price of my SiP pages. Some of the Fables pages are over the top, so I hope this attracts a collector. The income will be used to pay for, you guessed it, the SiP Omnibus printing.

Back to work

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OU-MOOC GNs as serious textbooks for business course

Remember this image? Of course you do. Remember the article? Of course not. Demi Moore, who reportedly has a high IQ, once said, “It’s the images people remember, not the words.” She was referring to being the #1 image download girl back in her day and all the criticism that brought her, but the principle is sound and proven true, time and time again.

Now professors at Oklahoma University have recently completed a study (soon to be published in Business Communication Quarterly) that found students, anybody really, learn faster with the graphic novel instructions over text only. Of course, you and I have known this all our lives, being comic book people, but now there is yet another study to back up the principles Will Eisner was using in the 1950’s… graphic novels as instructional manuals that show and tell things in a way students understand quickly and never forget.

To put his findings in action, professor Jeremy Short is following in Eisner’s footsteps and hosting a free MOOC class (open to all) June 10-July 15 using an original GN to teach the art of business communication, aka management. If you’re a comics fan studying business, or just want to learn how to manage and navigate the human race, check it out at http://management.ou.edu

I bet you learn something.


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The SiP Omnibus—Coming In June—Please Support With Pre-Orders!

There is no question that the ultimate Strangers In Paradise collection is the Omnibus Edition. To make that edition, I carefully went over every page and corrected art, spelling, errors, removed all censorship (words and images) and I rearranged some scenes to put them in perfect chronological order. No other tpb or pocket edition got this final edit. The story reads perfectly. The Omnibus is my final version.

Five years ago 1,250 hardcover edition box sets were offered and sold out immediately. It was grossly underprinted due to low pre-orders. (Pre-orders paid for the printing and that was all we could print.)

Now, finally, we are making an affordable, softcover version. The Strangers In Paradise Softcover Omnibus box set includes the same two 1200 page books containing every page, every story ever printed relating to SiP! The price for this 2400 page collection in a boxed slipcase? $100.

I can’t make it any more affordable than that, folks. That’s 4 cents a page for a labor of love I spent 14 years making.

Why has it taken 6 years since the end of SiP to make this softcover Omnibus? The answer is simple: it is very expensive to print and the printing must be paid before the book ships. This means, I have to pay for everything before the industry can help with purchases. The cost of printing the softcover Omnibus is shockingly high. But after 5 years Robyn and I have decided it will never happen if we don’t go out on a limb and take the risk. So we are printing the book at great personal risk, because we believe the fans and retailers will support us and buy the book once it is available. I’ve always believed in SiP. Now I’m putting my money where my mouth is. But I need your support.

We will be taking pre-orders soon. As a thank you, a new, exclusive print will be included with every pre-ordered Omnibus!

Note that I am also including a print for all retailer orders through Diamond, but that will be a different image, and the retailer can decide for themselves if they want to include the print in their book sale. That’s up to the retailer to decide. I suspect most of them will reward their customers by giving them the print with the purchase. Retailers love their loyal customers and so do I. I’ll show you both print images here when they’re drawn.

So, to recap…  YES! We’re finally printing the SiP Omnibus again! This is a huge deal for us!

Two softcover books, 2400 pages total, in a slipcase. Price will be $100.

The print run will be 5,000. We have committed to this. We hope it’s enough.

All pre-orders will also get an exclusive print—one print per Omnibus. All retailers will get a print with their orders, too—one print per Omnibus ordered— but it will be a different one.

When? June/July. I just solicited for the Diamond April Previews for June product. We’re basing our San Diego Comic Con in July around the Omnibus.

I really need fan support on this! Please, pre-order from us or put serious, persistent pressure on your comic shop—they have so many other books to think about. You have to DEMAND this book from your retailers in advance or you’re going to be left empty-handed. If they won’t order it, don’t argue—many shops only order from the Top 100 list— just order direct from us or a SiP friendly retailer on-line. There are many to choose from!

It’s VERY important we sell this book. We’re financially committed and can’t back out. Even if retailers/Diamond order only 10 copies, Robyn and I will still print this book, because we believe in our fans. But if orders and sales are low, this will be our Hindenberg.

Please, if you love Francine and Katchoo’s story, make your voice heard. Exert your power for them. Blog, tweet and tumblr the hell out of the Omnibus news repeatedly because no matter how many time you say it, most people missed it. You have the collective power to make SiP more than a cult classic. Tell the world to read this story and this is the book to buy. They will listen to you! I’m betting everything on it.

The Diamond ad:


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Look familiar?

A number of years back, during the years I was making Strangers In Paradise, a reader sent me a picture of this cloissone pin from the Austin Hard Rock Cafe because, well, the girl looked awfully familiar. Recently he saw the pin at a collector’s market and bought it for me. SiP readers were incensed when I posted a pic of this very Katchoo looking pin on Twitter. As Darcy Parker Bruce put it, “Looks like someone’s in for some shit, she would NEVER wear something like that.”

Below, a reminder of what Katchoo looks like, and the real Katchoo pin.











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Drew Hayes & my Poison Elves cover

I didn’t know Drew Hayes very well when we shared a table at a small Dallas comic convention many years ago. He was big, loud and generally a happy guy and you knew if he was in the room, if for no other reason but the fact that his hair was always a different, bright color and, because Drew was tall, you could see that head coming at you through a crowd.

We were both struggling self-publishers that weekend in Dallas. We shared a table and spent Saturday morning meeting the 5 or 6 fans who knew us, and tried to bribe the rest of the crowd’s interest with cheap sketches. A con host offered to take us out to lunch and we readily accepted because “self-publisher” is Klingon for “broke”. Teri Wood joined us—remember Wandering Star?—and the 3 of us piled into this guy’s little commuter car. Drew filled the little back seat, so I called shotgun and let Teri sit next to him. As we rode to the restaurant, the car was quiet because it was full of lone-wolf cartoonists who didn’t get out much and didn’t know each very well. Not exactly a Kappa Kappa meeting. Only a car full of emoesque Fantagraphics cartoonists could have been quieter. But the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and I saw a bird. It was a Disney day. In my best teenage-whatever voice I drawled a line Katchoo had already muttered in print, “Pretty day……. if you’re into that shit.” When Drew heard that he laughed and laughed. It broke the ice and we all started talking and had a great time at lunch. We became friends.

Back at the con, Drew and I resumed drawing anything for anybody and cracked jokes. After awhile, Drew stood and wandered off to take a break. About 15 minutes later he returned with a massive, elaborately decorated bowie knife—the chromed kind they sell cheap at the goth and fantasy tables, with a couple of holes in the blade and a wicked notch in the spine. I saw it gleaming in his hand as he walked up and before I could say anything he SLAM!ed it into the table. It quivered there as he sat down and smiled broadly at the people who’d stopped dead in their tracks to watch him. He bellowed like a stage actor, “Who wants a sketch?”

That was Drew. You just wanted to hug him for delighting you so.

Drew passed away 6 years ago, a victim of his own size, and I miss him. When you lose a friend you always have a hole in your life where that friend was. Nobody comes along and replaces them, they can’t. Today we can only appreciate the man and the labor of love he left behind, Poison Elves.

After the Dallas show, I later drew a pinup for Drew and included the super-sized knife in the girl’s hand, the weapon of choice for my girl elf to teach his main character a lesson for beheading his own creator. It was an in-joke and Drew got a kick out of it.

I heard Drew’s friends and family were resuming production of Poison Elves, creating new stories from Drew’s own notes and outlines. When I was contacted about drawing a cover, I immediately thought of the pinup and they agreed to use it. My cover will be extremely limited—the C cover of three variants—so if somebody wants this specific cover they’re going to have to hunt for it. Unless they read this blog. I got my copies today—a dozen or so. I only need 3 for my archive, so I will sell the rest in a few weeks when I know what the price should be. I promise it will be less than eBay.

Here’s the book.

Oh, and yep, that’s a page from Rachel Rising 16 underneath. That is not included.

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Award News & more Emerald City Comic Con sketch art


This has been a good news week for me. First, my Italian publisher BAO informed me that Rachel Rising was awarded a Comicus Prize for Best Independent English Language Comic, and I won Best Artist/Writer. Coming from a country known for the arts, this award means a lot and I am very honored.

Here at home, the first Rachel Rising trade paperback, The Shadow Of Death, has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the Graphic Novel category by the Horror Writers Association. It’s a great honor to be nominated for this highly respected award and it is, as the HWA notification said, “a fine recognition by your peers.” That made my day. Thank you.

Sketch Art

I promised to post the rest of the sketches I did for the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle last weekend. These are the preorder sketches I did before the trip and delivered at the show. If I’m coming to a con on your schedule, you can contact us to preorder a sketch at sipnet@strangersinparadise.com

Black Widow & Hawkeye…

Death, Takes Out The Trash…

The request was for “whatever you want”. So, drink?…

Francine and Katchoo reading…

I had a request for a sexy Ivy (Echo) and Tambi (SiP) being their baddass selves. So…

But Robyn saw that and said it wasn’t sexy enough. So I smiled and drew this…

And a page of phone doodles I made that day…


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