Art For Sale: 4 pieces

Happy New Year! My New Years’ resolution is to stop working out.

I just completed Rachel Rising 14 and sent it to the printer. So, we’re looking at a release date in late January.

Going through the art folders now, I’ve found a couple of things that should go to a good home. I can’t keep ALL this stuff, even though I want to. But it’s dangerous to keep all my art in one place, in case disasters strike—and they do (many well known sad art fire/flood/hungry dog stories).

So, I have 4 pieces for you. If you see one you want, just email the lovely Robyn at

1. This is Katchoo on a monster. I’m pretty sure that’s a hair extension because, trust me, her hair isn’t really that long. (Sometimes I draw hair like McFarlane draws capes, aka for the fun of it) This piece was done for Babes & Monsters, a book of pinup art based on the title theme by the artists attending the upcoming Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, March 1-3. I’ll be there. Art is 9 X 12 inches, centered on 13 X 16 inch Strathmore art paper. Not your usual comic book vertical format, because the book will be more of a A5 size guess. Price: $1,000.  (THIS IS SOLD NOW)

2. This is a cover I drew for The Oz Wonderland Chronicles, a wonderful series by Ben Avery and Casey Heying, published by Buy Me Toys, featuring a fresh take on Dorothy, the wizard, the scarecrow and more from the world of Frank Baum.  Art is on official DC art paper, 11 X 17 inches, and quite striking in person. I like the layout on this one. Price lowered to $350.

3. This is a sketch I drew for the cover to Rachel Rising 16. It’s our favorite bass player Jet, buck naked, drawn on cheap copy paper, 8 1/2 X 11, and I filled it from corner to corner with the drawing. The unrefined tooth of the paper actually does nice things with the pencil lead, giving it a grain look that adds to the piece when you look at it in real life. There are always two aspects to art, how it reproduces and how it looks in person. Good art always looks better in person, I think. Probably an exception out there but it hurts my brain to think of one. Price on this is $250.  (THIS IS SOLD NOW)

4. The real deal… the final cover art for Rachel Rising 16. Drawn in pencil on my last page of official DC Vertigo art paper, 11 x 17. I guess this paper will be a collector’s item soon when Warner Bros changes it somehow. The end of an era.  As you can see, I modified the sketch idea, working with the background, turning the gaps in the smoke into windows to hell. For the marketplace Jet has to wear clothes, so I gave her a dress that, Robyn informs me, wouldn’t stay up. Bad Terry. I was listening to the soundtrack of The Ring when I drew this, so I added rings in the art. They resonate to something we should be afraid of. Yeah, I know, scary, right? Wow. Just keep telling yourself, “It’s just a drawing. It’s just a drawing.” Price on this, $1,000. (I know, that’s a lot of money, but I drew and erased my ass off on this one. The erasing alone is worth $200. Maybe $215.)  (THIS IS SOLD NOW)

note: the text is not on the art, that’s just to ID the image as it makes its way around the web.

2nd note: how weird to have more than 140 characters. See, blogs do have a purpose.

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