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A Story For Halloscream

You should read something scary on Halloween. Like the new issue (#12) of Rachel Rising—how perfect it came out today. But, you should also read this wonderful 9-page story from Neil titled Deep Of The Well. He even provides you with a soundtrack to enhance your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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2 New Books Out Today: RACHEL RISING #12 and HOW TO DRAW COMICS

It’s not every month I can get two books out on the same day so… this is a kick! New Rachel Rising and new How To Draw instruction book. Out today on comic shelves and comixology. Enjoy!

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David Wasting Paper 2013 Junior Cartoonist Contest

Junior artists age 13-16… here is a great chance to show your art and do something with it. The David Wasting Paper 2013 Junior Cartoonist Contest. I would be all over this at that age. The contest is in memory of David Paccia’s mother, who always supported David’s cartooning interests, and passed away earlier this year. […]

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Attention Indy Creators: ECHO Digital Sales Worldwide Report

Just thought I’d share this with you. Maybe indy creators will find some encouragement from it.
ComiXology International Sales Report September 2012 For Terry Moore’s Echo
1. The Walking Dead #102 £1.99
2. Justice League (2011-) #0 £2.49
3. Spider-Men #5 (of 5) £2.49
4. Smallville: Season 11 #17 £0.69
5. Avengers vs. X-Men #11 (of 12) £2.49
6. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man […]

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2012 Adamson Award pics

I was genuinely thrilled to receive an email informing me I’d won the 2012 Adamson International Award. This is the highest honor a cartoonist can achieve in Sweden, a country known for its art culture, where there is no shortage of fantastic cartoonists.
A couple of weeks later I received the statuette and diploma, both which […]

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Herge Avenged—Rachel Rising 12 is here

The Fed Ex van (a Mercedes Benz, by the way—company must be doing well!) brought me a box full of the latest issue of Rachel Rising. So now I can lay out all the issues to date and see two full color arcs. Numbers 1-6 are red and green, numbers 7-12 are red and yellow.
When […]

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USA Today on Digital SiP at ComiXology


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Strangers In Paradise Goes Digital At ComiXology!

I am genuinely thrilled to be able to tell you that SiP makes it digital debut today at ComiXology. And I mean ALL of SiP. The ENTIRE SERIES — 107 issues over 3 volumes and 19 trade paperbacks—is available right now. That should keep you busy over the weekend!
ComiXology made the announcement today to launch […]

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Art Sale Begins Oct 5

Art sale time! Tomorrow we’re posting a beavy of beauties for sale on the website store hand selected from all three series, Strangers In Paradise, Echo, and Rachel Rising. Robyn deliberately chose art that has not been offered before and I’ve provided color scans of the entire page of original art so you can see […]

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How To Draw Comics update

Got my copy yesterday. It looks good, only a few missed typos that I will correct for the tpb this fall. There is no official global release date for this one, but I’m guessing it will be in stores about Oct. 17. That’s an uneducated guess.
This is the fifth and final chapter in the series. […]

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