ART SALE starts today

We have a lot of original artwork up for the new ART SALE beginning today. Pages from Rachel Rising, Echo and Strangers In Paradise. All at a fraction of what it would cost you buy a used Picasso. And of course, it’s free to browse to your heart’s content. The pages are scanned in color, so you can see the workmanship in much greater detail than the printed pages. Robyn and I carefully went through the archives to pull pages featuring the main characters and my best art. None of my worst art in this batch, I promise! Here’s a sample of what you will find in the sale.

SIP 3.30.01

RR 16.02

ECHO 26.04

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C2E2 this weekend!

Heading off to C2E2 this weekend, Artist Alley, table U18. Bringing the 2015 Sketchbook. The new issue of Rachel will be in stores soon. Also bringing sketches and page art, for the art lovers. And it’s free to look.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.36.07 AM

I don’t have a panel, so the table is my panel. I’m happy to chat with you and you can ask anything you like. Don’t let my old sour face put you off, there’s a softie inside worried about puppy dogs and kittens. I always try to be honest with fans, and helpful and encouraging to new creators.

No charge for signatures, no limit. I’m happy to sign because I’m grateful you have the books. I won’t be taking a sketch list because there isn’t time to draw nice sketches during the busy weekend. However, I don’t mind doing a quick sketch if you’ll stay and chat with me while I do it. Compliment my abundant hair or mighty biceps, that always works. See ya there!

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Holiday Art Sale


The holidays are here at last, so time for our Annual Art Sale! Robyn and I selected 48 of the best pages of original art from Strangers In Paradise, Echo, and Rachel Rising. We searched for pages featuring the main characters in great moments and I think you’ll find we came up with some very cool pages.

Browse the listings for yourself or for that someone special in your life. Or, if you’re a starving artist, feel free to look at the original art in its pure form, before the printer reduction and plunged black levels.

Here’s a sampling of what we have posted in the sale.

When atomic alloy gets stuck onto Julie’s body, the first thing she does is go to the ER.  Logical, right? But it doesn’t turn out so well. This key scene from issue 2 is up in the art sale. 


Because she now carries Annie’s enhanced DNA, Julie experiences Annie’s memory of falling in love one romantic night. This is that moment, from Echo 20.


When Dillon finally learns Annie is virtually standing in front of him, albeit in another woman’s much larger body, he has only one question. This is that moment from Echo 27. One of my favorite pages in the series.


How does a 10 year old little girl clean a crime scene and get rid of a body? Zoe does it like this. From Rachel Rising 3. I’m so impressed with her resourcefulness.


Lilith uses sawdust from The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil to look into Zoe’s soul. A pivotal moment in the series that introduces Malus. From Rachel Rising 9.


I can’t believe we still have any pages from the first 3 issues, but look, from the 2nd issue, Katchoo literally catches Freddie with his pants down. And he’d just broken up with Francine that afternoon in the park. The cad. This issue was titled “Katchoo’s Revenge”. Do I need to tell you what she did to him? This page from the 2nd issue of Strangers In Paradise can be yours. In the art sale.


Francine meets the rebound girlfriend and we meet Casey for the first time! This is her first appearance, rodeo bangs and all. Again, I can’t believe this page is still in my possession. It shouldn’t be. I can’t be trusted with it. It should be in your home, safe and sound. From issue 2 of the series. Art Sale.


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Cover Art: SIP KIDS #2, Rachel Rising #28 and TPB5

Reaction to SIP KIDS #1 was very good, so I’m going to make a #2 issue. Here is the cover with my rough color job done for retail solicitation. This book is scheduled for December.

SipKids 2 FinalCover

Here is the final cover for Rachel Rising 28. It is at the printer now and I think you can find it on shelfs and ComiXology on Sept 17. I’ll let you know if that date changes.RR28 Final Cover

While we’re at it, here is the cover for the next trade, titled Night Cometh. This will be the fifth TPB of the series, collecting issues 25-30. Look for this in December. (No, you’re not seeing double. I always choose a TPB cover from the covers of the contents. Issue #28 is the best art representing the story for this collection.)




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TV props alert!

We’ve sent posters and books to a couple of TV shows lately as props for comic shop scenes. If you see anything of ours, give a shout out. Look for Hawaii Five-O episode #506 (airs Oct 31); The Millers episode #202 (airs?)

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News Update: Makin’ Books!

I’ve been in my cave, working. The update for this week:
1. Rachel Rising #28 is finished and at the printer! Turn around from that point to your hands is usually 3 weeks. This book is a bit late due to SDCC and all the hoopla that goes with it in the weeks before and week after aka chaos and panic.

2. Due to popular demand, yesterday I drew the cover and retailer solicitation for SIP KIDS #2!

3. …and solicited Rachel Rising: Night Cometh, the next new TPB collecting issues 25-30.

The solicitations are for December. So naturally you’ll want to plan your entire holiday shopping around that. I’ll post the covers today.

More news, in the next post.

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Italian TV Shout Out–Doreciakgulp!

I love my Italian publisher, BAO. Their books are beautiful and their company is deftly managed by people who are devoted to comics and smart business. Their promotions are fantastic. For example, they held a pop-up store in Milan this summer, to great success. Even Giorgio Armani walked by and peeked in. So this week, BAO and I got a nice shout out on Italy’s BIGGEST public TV channel, on Vincenzo’s very popular program Doreciakgulp. That’s like getting a shout out from Stephen Colbert or Diane Sawyer (those are your choices, :)) Here’s the link, I’m at 2:46, with scenes from the booth at last week’s SDCC. News travels fast, eh? And to top it off, Volume 3 of Rachel Rising went on sale this week in Italy. Volare!!


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