What’s NEW for SDCC. Oh man, 17 days and counting!

We’re gearing up for the Big Kahuna of comic cons in just a scant 17 days. That means I’ve been gathering art and finishing projects one right after another in order to have cool new things for the booth. Here’s what to expect so far:

SipKids FinalCover

The big surprise for 2014 is the new comic, SIP KIDS! This is a full-color, 24 page All Ages comic featuring the entire cast of Strangers In Paradise… as six year olds. Oh, the drama! You haven’t seen pathos until you’ve seen Freddie and Katchoo play soccer. This book is funny!, yet still manages to capture the dynamics of the group and reveal the seeds of who they will grow up to become (and for that, you must read the 2400 page SIP series). This book makes me laugh, it makes colorist Steve Hamaker laugh, and the sneak preview pages on the web make readers laugh, so I think we have a winner here, folks. The book hits store shelves in August, but you can get an advance, signed copy at my SDCC booth!

***Heather layout w: logo on front

The 2014 SIP KIDS T shirt. Okay, this is a mock-up, but you get the idea. Our 3 favorite kids in the whole world (besides your own, of course) recreate the iconic It’s A Good Life pose from their older counterparts to commemorate the release of their own comic book. Shirt will be Heather Gray, with simple black line art. Sort of retro looking, I love the classic feel. Made by Graphitti Designs in S, M, L, XL, XXL. After the con, you may buy from either of us online.


I2014 RR Print


The 2014 Rachel Rising print.


This 11 X 17 monster reproduces the splash page from issue 26 illustrating the History Of Jack. Jack is the knife, of course, which once belonged to Lucifer and fell to earth with him. Since then, the blade has had quite an impact on human history before falling into the hands of our beloved 10-year old serial killer, Zoe. In issue 26, Rachel holds Jack and feels his entire history course through her veins. This powerful moment is captured in this one page. Fan response was so wonderful, I decided to make this the official print for 2014 SDCC. Price is $10, and it will be available in my web store after the con.

2014RR Shirt

The 2014 Rachel Rising T-shirt. This beauty embraces the Zoeness of life, with the cover image to issue 20 against a navy blue background. Made through our good friends Graphitti Designs, these shirts are extremely durable Beefy-T’s and will last for hundreds of years. Okay, that last part was a guess on my part, but I’m still wearing my Graphitti made SIP shirts and they are 20 years old, and looking good! Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. $18 each. You can buy at the show from me and my Abstract Studio booth, or directly from Graphitti Design. Their booth is across the aisle from us. After the show, you may purchase from either of our web stores and we would both be delighted.


The 2014 Sketchbook, of course, with the sexy pic of a certain young wife helping her husband off to work. This guy is 24 pages of beautiful sketches for just $10. If you can’t make it to the con, this will be made available in my webstore after the show.


In addition to these new goodies, we will have copies of The Complete Echo, in both $40 softcover and $65 hardcover.

Echo Complete SC Echo Complete HC


the Strangers In Paradise Omnibus Box Set for $100

SIP_SC_Omni Photo

The Strangers In Paradise Pocket Editions—a six book series containing the entire published works at a very affordable price of $18 per book.



I will also have a portfolio of original art from SiP, ECHO, and Rachel Rising. These pages are 11 X 17, pen and ink on 2-ply Strathmore Smooth archival quality art paper. And, with any luck, I should have a smaller portfolio of original pencil sketches available. These are miscellaneous subjects, usually preliminary pieces or pinups, and prices are substantially less than the larger comic pages.

There’s more, but that’s should give you and idea of what expect. 17 Days and counting!!!




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NEW Art Sale!

We’ve posted a new selection of my best pages for sale in the webstore, focusing on Rachel Rising and Strangers In Paradise. If you’ve been interested in buying a page, this is your chance. Or you might just want to see what a page looks like. The images are color scans so you can really see the paper and the artwork.

Here’s a sample, page 7 from issue 9 of Rachel Rising.

RR 9.7

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British Fantasy Society Award, Talking Rachel Rising, How To Buy SiP

I’m proud to report Rachel Rising is nominated for Best Comic/Graphic Novel by the British Fantasy Society. Other noteworthy nominations are Saga and Unwritten. So, nice company to be in! It’s an honor. Thank you.

Since issue #1 of Rachel Rising, I have done a post-issue interview with ComicBook.com‘s Russ Burlingame. These discussions are full of observations and details about the story and characters of Manson. It’s our version of The Talking Dead. You can find all the interviews listed here. Highly recommended.

Strangers In Paradise

Because I’m asked this question on a regular basis, a little PSA here. SiP is in print and will be available in print for at least my lifetime. We keep it in available in two formats:

1) 5X7″ pocket books (the whole series in 6 books)

2) a box set of two trade paperbacks at full comic size, 6 X 10.

Both formats contain everything, the entire series, plus every one-shot, off-shoot story and mini-series that came from it. That comes out to be roughly 2600 pages. The pocket books are roughly 350-400 pages each at $18 each. The box set is $100. That’s 12 years worth of comics for $100. I’m not great at math, but I’m pretty sure that works out to be far below minimum wage.

You can always buy SiP in one of these two formats. If you find it sold out somewhere, you can always order direct from us. We ship worldwide to every country except Belgium.

Below is a snapshot of the details on both formats, taken from our store page.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.02.14 PM


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.02.06 PM

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LezPop Interview

LezPop is the top LBGT pop culture site in Italy. Today they posted a new interview with me discussing Strangers In Paradise. If you don’t read Italian, below is the english translation:


1 – At the end of SiP, Katchoo and Francine finally have their chance to be together. Was this happy ending your plan all along or were you tempted to have them follow different paths in their life?

TM: No, the original ending I had in mind was for them to finally get together, then then something tragic happens to separate them. Because that’s how epic love stories work, right? But after the 9-11 tragedy, I changed the plan because I wanted my story to have a message of hope. Yes, life can work out. Yes, love is the answer. Yes, follow your heart. And I’m happy I made the change. I love the ending of SiP. 

2 – How much influence have the fans in your work? As for SiP, for example, did you ever change your original plan about a specific plot, character, etc., to appease a part of the fans?

TM: You can’t do that because it’s a no-win situation. If I make you happy it will make somebody else mad. So I can only continue to write with the attitude I began, which is to make a story I like. After that, I can only hope some people also like it. I can’t do anything about the people who don’t and it’s no use chasing after them.  

3 – In the past you talked about taking SiP characters in other media, announcing for example a novel. Have you ever thought about writing a TV series based on SiP?

TM: Yes. SiP would make a wonderful TV series because the best TV is about characters and relationships. That’s SiP. I often thought of each issue as a new episode and I was the writer/director. I made 107 episodes that way, enough to get into syndication! So, in my mind, I have watched the SiP TV series, and it was wonderful. :)

4 – One of the best qualities in Strangers in Paradise is how deeply the souls and the minds of the female characters are described and explored. When you started to write and draw Katchoo and Francine, did you have in mind any particular women, real or fictional?

 TM: Not really. I just write about human beings who also happen to be women or men. But Katchoo isn’t one woman I know. None of the characters are one to one. I think it’s more like every person I ever knew enters my head like light on a prism, and what comes out on the other side is my fiction. However, I have had moments where I see one woman and she inspires me to write a Katchoo scene. I am like a sponge that way. If you want to write great characters, you need to spend most of your time paying attention to other people. They will inspire you and teach you.

5 – What kind of reactions did the homosexual theme bring when you first published SiP, in 1993? What was the most positive feedback you received and the most annoying among the negative ones?

 TM: I got a lot of reaction. It was daring and odd for a straight man to write a story about gay love. People couldn’t figure it out. What were my intentions? In the beginning gay people didn’t know if they could trust me and the straights didn’t know what I would bother writing about something other than straights. Which is exactly what made me continue, because I hated the social division. I hated that there was us and them. In my mind, that’s bullshit. It’s all “us”. We’re all humans on one little planet and we should live like that. That was the bottom line of the entire SiP series. Katchoo said it to Francine once, “When do we get to live as if we belong here?” In SiP, that day came. And I think the most positive feedback I got was from people of other persuasions who wrote letters supporting the girls, hoping they would work it out. Even Catholic priests wrote me to support Katchoo and Francine. Because they would read the story and see what the girls were going through and what they were fighting for—which was basically peace and happiness—and every reader with a heart wanted it to work out for them. It real restored my faith in humanity to get letters from straight men and women supporting the story and expressing deep compassion for Francine and Katchoo. You know how it is, the more you know about someone, the more you care. SiP let readers know EVERYTHING about these two women, so they cared deeply. 

 The most annoying feedback was from lesbian reader in Seattle. She wrote a nasty letter early in the series saying if this was going to be a story about straight guy David turning gay girl Katchoo straight, she was going to hunt me down and hurt me. So I used her letter’s address to get her phone number and I called her.  She was shocked I had found her and called. I assured SiP wasn’t like that, keep reading, give it time to unfold for goodness sakes. Put the gun down, you know? Put the torches down, tell the lynch mob to go home. :) Some people.

6 – On April 29 you announced on your official blog a new Strangers in Paradise story (http://terrymooreart.tumblr.com/post/84248555033/coming-this-august-a-new-strangers-in-paradise) featuring the characters as 6-year-old kids. What prompted you to return to your SiP characters? Can you give us a preview of what the fans will find in this new chapter of the saga?

 TM: One of my all time favorite pages in SiP is during an imagination scene where Freddie pictures he and ex-wife Casey as 6 year olds from Calvin and Hobbes. The scene shows these two 6 years olds having a divorce fight. It’s just priceless, because when we argue we are like children. So this year I wanted to something SiP and decided to do an entire new issue of the SiP gang as 6 year olds. Just for fun. The cover is online now. The book comes out in August. I hope fans enjoy it. 

7 – SiP – as your other most important works, Echo and Rachel Rising – is a product of independent comics. Over the years, however, you have also worked for Marvel and DC Comics, the leader publishing labels in the market. How different is your approach, in the creation of comics, drawing for your own label – Abstract Studio – or for the leader publishing companies?

TM: It is night and day, there is no comparison. Making your own comics is like having your own band—complete freedom to sink or swim. Working for mainstream companies is like working for Microsoft. You do what you’re told or you don’t work. Your mainstream books come and go and nobody seems to care because it’s all about the next one. Mainstream is about the money and that’s all you’re going to get from it. Indy publishing is about making books you love. You have to love them to do it because there are better ways to make a living. Like work in mainstream! :)

8 – Name one thing of SiP that makes you most proud of your work. One the other hand, is there anything you regret, one that – being able to go back – you would like to change?

TM: I love how SiP has touched the lives of readers. People still write me and tell me how it touched them or helped them. It makes me feel like it was worth the 12 years of work I put into it. On the other hand, the biggest regret is that I waited so long before trying to make comics. I wasted so much time in my 20’s and 30’s not doing what I loved. Then when I finally took the leap of faith to start a comics career, my whole life opened up. Why did I wait?

9 – Looking back to your entire career, which of your works you feel as the most outstanding?

TM: That’s a Sophie’s Choice. I can’t pick one of my children over the other. I can tell you the best moments of my career have been when one of my literary heroes told me he was reading my books and liking them—that I was a good writer. That validation made my heart soar.  

10 – Can SiP fans expect another return after the new issue coming out next August?

TM: Let’s take it one step at a time. No spoilers. :)

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Alter Ego signing report & NEW! 2014 Sketchbook

Spent the weekend in Muncie, Indiana to sign at Alter Ego Comics, a great shop owned and managed by Christy Blanch and Mark Waid. It was a great time spent with wonderful people and dear friends. Shannon (see the Francine tat?) Jason, Grace… we are a mighty force to be dealt with. I’ve known Mark and Christy for years so it was like visiting family for me.

Also, in the Shout Out Dept., Mark Hammond from Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, IL (Chicago) came down for the signing. Real nice guy, I’ve met him before at conventions. He is part owner of Alter Ego as well and brought a lot of good will and cheer to the day. Sounds like they have a great comic shop up there. If you’re in the area, you want to check it out.

Here we are, doing our best Kirby Hands!


The signing was Saturday, but the day before, was spent at the Indy 500 track where Christy got us passes and introduced me to the drivers and team managers. How close to the action did I get? This close.

TM Indy 2014

I was in my happy place, believe me. And I was certain I could drive one of those cars but nobody seemed willing to turn over their baby to a visiting cartoonist. The highlight of the day: I got to meet the legendary AJ Foyt. My fanboy moment.



So, yeah… Alter Ego Comics. A great shop in a great town. Highly recommended to all you readers and to my fellow comics creators looking for a great addition to their travels. The fans in Muncie are simply fantastic.

In the Shout Out With A Smile dept.:

DecapitatedDan.com has been a strong supporter of Rachel Rising from Day One. I’ve even used a line or two from his reviews for promotional quotes in the retailer catalogs. This week, Dan gave me my best endorsement ever, but something tells me I might not be able to quote him. Still, I’ll share it with you here. Dan has reached rare air on this one, folks… and who am I to argue? (big smile here)

“[Rachel Rising] Why I am spending my money on it: Before I go and explain why this gets my money, just go buy this book. It’s the best comic in print today. Now, you really need more of a reason, lets do some simple math. A story by Terry Moore is worth, lets say $1,000. 24 pages of Terry Moore artwork, and we are looking at $12,000. So already this book should cost you $13,000. But Terry is so damn generous, that he is willing to sell it to you for over 3000% off at $3.99. THAT’S THE BEST VALUE IN COMICS TOO! So now you have the Best Comic in Print AND the Best Value in Comics. . . seems like a no brainer to me. BUY IT!” —Decapitated Dan

Looking ahead, this weekend we’re off to San Jose and Big Wow Comicfest. Since this is an art centric show, I’m taking a ton of original art to sell. And I will debut my 2014 Sketchbook full of my best pencil and ink work. If you can’t make it to the show, we will post this for sale in the webstore very soon.


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In Honor of Jamie Dallessandro

The comics community has lost a champion. Jamie Dallessandro Jr. (aka Jamie. D.) of the Comic Geek Speak podcast lost his five-year battle with cancer last Friday. On May 5th, his fellow co-hosts released a tribute episode. One of the fond memories they looked back on in the episode was his love for Strangers in Paradise, and just how much those SiP interviews I did with the CGS crew meant to him. I can tell you that talking with Jamie and CGS gang was not only fun but highly motivating, as their love of comics and stories was irresistible.

The tribute interview, along with the brief statement they released when the news came down that he had passed can be found here: http://www.comicgeekspeak.com/episodes.php

Due to an outpouring of support from the worldwide comics community, the Dallessandro family have decided to live-stream Jamie’s memorial service today (May 7) starting at 10:50AM EST, with encore presentations to follow.


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Art Sale

The Original Art Sale page is packed and ready for you. If you want to browse or buy original art from any of my books, click here.  I have a collection of cover art available right now. You might be interested to see the different techniques I use depending on which characters I draw, such as pencils only for Rachel Rising versus fluid brush work for Strangers In Paradise. The art is scanned in color for this posting, so you can see the paper and various subtle lines.

One tip: I am taking these pages to the art-centered Big Wow conventions next week because many art buyers will be there. If you see something you like on the site, grab it now before I take it on a one-way trip to San Jose!

Here are the two pieces I mentioned. There is a lot more in the store!


The cover art for Rachel Rising #20. Pencil on paper, 11 X 17 inches. For sale here.


Original Art for the Official 2013 Strangers In Paradise Print. Ink on paper, 11 X 17 inches. For sale here.

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